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Anchor Drop, April 6, 2018: Let’s not talk about the baseball team

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Good morning. In today’s Anchor Drop, we talk about everything except Vanderbilt baseball.

Good morning.

Well, this is awkward, because something happened last night that we’re not going to talk about. So let’s talk about everything else instead.

Wade Baldwin IV played 32 minutes off the bench and scored 14 points, though the Trail Blazers lost to the Rockets 96-94. This was going on literally five blocks from me and I didn’t go? Shame.

Jordan Matthews signed with the New England Patriots, where he will join Adam Butler in an effort to make me not hate the Patriots. (It’s ... only kind of working?)

David Price is officially back to being David Price, pitching seven scoreless in a 3-2 Red Sox win over the Rays. But he didn’t get the W, because bullpens and stuff.

Seriously, it was kind of a good night for former Vanderbilt players in the pros. Also, the women’s tennis team notched a 4-0 win over Texas A&M.

Off the West End

The Nashville Predators clinched the NHL’s Presidents’ Trophy, awarded to the team with the best regular season record, for the first time in franchise history with a 4-3 win over the Washington Capitals.

Nashville is debating light rail.

UFC gets some awful publicity thanks to their superstar fighter being a complete asshole.

Tiger Woods shot a 73 in the first round of the Masters, which puts him seven shots behind Jordan Spieth. Also on Thursday at Augusta, Sergio Garcia shot a 13 on the 15th hole after putting five balls in the water, which is actually sort of hilarious and is not at all like the movie Tin Cup.

Bear Bryant’s great-grandson Paul Tyson announced his college choice on Thursday and you won’t believe which college he’s going to play quarterback for.

(Also, Vanderbilt baseball hosts Georgia at 6:30 PM tonight on the SEC Network+. Maybe we’ll actually win a game?)