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Anchor Drop, April 25, 2018: Women’s Tennis Is #1

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The SEC Champions move up a spot in the latest rankings.

2017 East Lake Cup - Day 3 Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Good morning.

The Vanderbilt women’s tennis team, 22-3 on the season, the regular season and tournament champions of the Southeastern Conference, are now the top-ranked team in the Oracle/ITA Collegiate Tennis Rankings released on Tuesday. The Commodores moved up a spot from #2 following the previous #1 North Carolina’s loss to Duke last week.

Men’s golf, currently #4 in the country, opens the SEC Championship today at the Sea Island Golf Club in St. Simon’s, Georgia. Six SEC teams are currently ranked in the top 10, so this should be a highly competitive championship.

A Vanderbilt freshman actually wrote this in the Hustler:

After all, if the choice is between just one more opulent Yale-like dormitory guaranteeing 22-year-olds still have to live on campus and a championship-level basketball team, I think most of us know what we would choose.

Aside from the false-choice aspect of this (why not both?) I think most college students would choose a nice dorm over a good basketball team. Otherwise, remind me why regular students ever pick Vanderbilt over the University of Kentucky?

Off the West End

BEN SIMMONS wins a playoff series. (So did Damian Jones, if we’re getting technical here, but Dame played a grand total of eight minutes in the Warriors’ 4-1 series win over the Spurs.)

The Atlanta Barves Braves are calling up Ronald Acuna a few weeks into the season, which doesn’t seem like suspicious timing at all and not designed to game the arbitration system.

The NCAA Commission came up with its recommendations: ban cheaters for life, permit players to return to school after going undrafted, and “minimize” one-and-done.

Let’s talk about this. Banning cheating coaches for life (a) had better be drawing a distinction between the high-level bribery exposed in the FBI investigation and buying a Big Mac for a recruit, (b) will just give coaches even more incentive to push everything onto shoe companies (who are, after all, the real evil here), and (c) is an excellent way to invite an antitrust lawsuit.

I’m fine with allowing players who go undrafted to return to school, but I doubt many will: most players who keep their names in the draft knowing they’ll probably go undrafted just don’t have any intention of returning to college. Not everybody is being misled by agents, and to treat them like they are is actually kind of offensive; these days, anybody can Google “nba mock draft” and get a decent evaluation of how NBA scouts view them.

And, one-and-done is an NBA rule that the NCAA has no power to change, and anyone looking to the NCAA to change the rule is dumb.