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Anchor Drop, April 13, 2018: Bowling for the Championship

The Vanderbilt women’s bowling team will resume NCAA play at 3 PM today.

Good morning.

Vanderbilt’s women’s bowling team won its first two matches at the NCAA Championship yesterday, beating Sam Houston State and No. 1 overall seed Nebraska. The Commodores will face the winner of Sam Houston State and Arkansas State at 3 PM CT today; like yesterday, a stream is available on

Women’s tennis beat South Carolina, 4-2, on Thursday, putting them one game away from an SEC title.

Men’s golf is hosting the Mason Rudolph Invitational this weekend at the Vanderbilt Legends Club in Franklin. Also, men’s tennis is at Georgia at 4 PM CT today, and the baseball team will play the first of a three-game series against fifth-ranked Ole Miss at 6:30 PM CT at Hawkins Field; tonight’s game will be televised on the SEC Network+.

Off the West End

Indiana blog Crimson Quarry did not like what we wrote about Romeo Langford yesterday.

The idea that Romeo Langford is in any kind of danger from the result of his decision on where to play college basketball is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard.

Absurd? Why, I never.

But, ultimately, we all know why these things get said. There’s no real concern for Romeo’s safety, it’s just another opportunity to Do Your Part when it comes to recruiting. That being: say a bunch of ridiculous nonsense on Twitter / blog / etc. and hope the right people see it and believe it.

There must be some kind of Murphy’s Law whereby if you accuse somebody of writing “the most absurd thing you’ve ever heard,” you must respond by writing something even more absurd. Romeo Langford is as likely to make his college choice based on something written on Anchor of Gold as he is to make his college choice based on something written on the sign in front of the Taco Bell in Sellersburg, Indiana, and if you legitimately believe either of these things... well, I can see why you might see a throwaway line that was clearly intended as hyperbole as a serious statement.

So: no, Romeo Langford’s safety is not in danger if he picks Vanderbilt or Kansas. I am glad that I had to clear that up.

Enjoy women’s bowling today, and Anchor Down.