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Anchor Drop, March 21, 2018: Let’s try again, shall we?

Vanderbilt’s game with Belmont at First Tennessee Park was postponed to today.

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MLS: Preseason Friendly-Nashville SC vs Atlanta United FC Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. Vanderbilt’s baseball game with Belmont was rescheduled to today at 6:30 PM CT at First Tennessee Field. This was initially scheduled to be played last night, but was postponed due to weather in the area.

The women’s basketball team is holding its postseason banquet at the Omni Hotel on April 13, with tickets being sold to the public for $40 and $20 for children 10 and under.

Lacrosse player Melissa Hawkins was named the Big East Freshman of the Week.

Andy Ludwig expects more “violence” from the team’s running backs in 2018. That’s... one way to put it.

Adam Sparks suspects that Deuce Wallace will be the team’s starting QB in 2019. While he may be right, I think Allan Walters may have something to say about that. I expect a robust competition for the starting job after Kyle Shurmur graduates.

Off the West End

Nick Saban has a new intern.

I expect that nobody will think this is humorous.

Tennessee State head coach Dana Ford will be the next head coach at Missouri State. When we were going through our coaching search two years ago, I thought Ford was an intriguing potential candidate, though obviously very green (hell, he’s the same age as me.) His last couple of years have been so-so, but Tennessee State is obviously a very difficult gig and I think this is a good hire for Missouri State.

Of course, the real part of this that’s of interest is that Roger Powell was a candidate for the job earlier. It looks like Powell will be back at Vanderbilt, which is good.

The Austin bomber is dead.

Ole Miss’s new basketball coach had some... interesting things to say at his opening press conference. Also I am not sure who this “Christian D’Andrea” person who wrote that article for SB Nation is; it sounds like the name of a teenage girl.

Memphis East’s Alex Lomax got out of his Letter of Intent to Wichita State, and it looks like he’s going to Memphis, who just hired his high school/AAU coach as its head coach. For a while, Lomax looked like Vanderbilt’s backup plan in case Darius Garland went elsewhere, but of course Garland is coming here.