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It appears that the SEC Network will be televising Vanderbilt football’s Spring Showcase

Or, at least, the SEC’s website says so, but Vanderbilt hasn’t said anything.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship Game-Alabama vs Georgia Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A hat tip to DoreonthePlains for this discovery: it appears that the SEC Network will, in fact, be televising Vanderbilt football’s Spring Showcase at 4 PM CT on March 24. The previous article, which indicated that all SEC spring games would be televised but that Vanderbilt would not be holding a spring game, has now been updated to show the Vanderbilt Spring Showcase. The SEC Network’s television schedule for March 24 now simply indicates that “SEC Football” will be shown at that time, sandwiched in between the SEC Gymnastics Championship and an Alabama-Tennessee baseball game.

We would like to think that this change was made in light of our previous piece, which argued that ESPN’s “reasoning” behind its decision to broadcast 13 SEC spring games and not Vanderbilt’s spring showcase was incredibly illogical and was probably done because ESPN thought nobody cared enough to watch the Spring Showcase on TV. In reality, Derek Mason probably tweaked the Spring Showcase enough to make it qualify as a “spring game” under ESPN’s rules. Who knows? Either way, though, Vanderbilt will have a spring practice televised on the SEC Network, just like the other 13 schools in the conference.

It’s nice to occasionally get to feel like we’re a real SEC school.