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Beer Goggles: Texas Bowl Edition

Let’s See What Beers the Baylor Bears Have to Imbibe

Oklahoma State v Baylor Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Welcome back to Beer Goggles. It’s the column where I try to match up our opponent with a delicious beer from their home town. For the Texas Bowl edition, we’ll take a look at two beers from Waco, since our opponent is the Baylor Bears. (If you’d like to know more about what Houston, the Texas Bowl host city, has to offer check out Tom’s preview here.)

I know what you’re thinking, aren’t the Bears a Baptist school? Do Baptists drink? Wait, how many types of Baptists are there? Let me assuage your concerns, I reached out to a pastor friend of mine who went to Baylor as an undergraduate and then to their Divinity school. He drinks, and he recommended these two gems. Plus, how do we get around the fact that the Baylor Bears are one letter away from being the Baylor Beers? It’s practically a sign from God.

The Brotherwell Brewing Texas Forever Red IPA. It’s 6.5 ABV and has 70 IBUs. It is described as starting “with aromatic notes of plum and golden raisin leading into a medium bready body featuring a dark fruit and citrus forward palate. Subtle pepper and juiciness round out on the finish for an experience as comforting as a Texas sunset.”

Yes, this is perfect Baylor Beer. The brewery name alone is friendly and harkens back to the Baptist tradition of calling each other “Brother.” Plus, Baylor Football is a twist on the classic Texas football programs combining some of the best aspects of the old guard and adding a few modern peppery twists.

Although, the Bare Arms Brewing 1849 offers an appealing alternative. It’s a Vienna Style Lager with 5.5 ABV and 20 IBUs. It is named in honor of Waco’s founding year and offers a “light hop profile and sweet toasted malts” to “stand the test of time” like Waco’s famous suspension bridge.

While I don’t see Baylor as having a long time honored tradition, I do respect the sweet Texas hospitality that this beer offers. The only logical conclusion to best understand the city of Waco and Baylor University is to drink both. Cheers!

Sidenote: If you think going pan-Texas by drinking Lone Star is a safe way to enjoy the former Republic, you’re in for an experience opposite of which you seek.

Prediction: Commodores in a blow out! 35-13. Vanderbilt will exploit the Big12 defense and shut down a fairly non-explosive Baylor offense.

Second Prediction: More beverages will be needed after the victory.