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The ground in Missourah will be cold, cold, on Saturday

Anchor of Gold, the place where we never let a joke die.

It is November. In the Southeastern Conference, that means game time temperatures for an 11 AM kickoff should be in the sixties, or maybe the fifties if there’s a bit of a cold snap.

Or in other words, not this.

That is the kind of weather that is wholly appropriate for a November Big 12 game, not a November SEC game. According to, the forecast temperature at 11 AM on Saturday is 29 degrees.

Twenty-nine. Degrees. For reference, water freezes at temperatures below 32 degrees. Things will get better after kickoff, though. By 1 PM on Saturday, the temperature is expected to rise all the way to 33 degrees. And yes, you’re reading that correctly. It is currently snowing in Columbia.

As it turns out, the ground in Missourah will, in fact, be cold on Saturday. But we will have to be buried deep in it before we will recognize Missourah. And yes, there are only 49 stars on that flag. For a reason.

You had better believe this post was written entirely to recycle longstanding Anchor of Gold memes. But also to inform you that temperatures will be cold for the WoodyBowl this year, so bundle up if you’re going to the game.