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Prove This VUFB Tweet is Real, Win a Prize

(it’s not real)

Tennessee v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Vawls fans are salty. Very very salty. That didn’t stop trash talking (which is perfectly cromulent!) before the game...

VUFB says this is a fake tweet (it almost certainly is). Why do I think it’s a fake tweet? Because (a) it’s obviously a joke and (b) it’s a screen cap, not an archive. One can be faked, the other can’t.

“JGW” here contends it was a real tweet and VUFB deleted it. I contend someone (not necessarily this person) just edited the assets. It’s not hard to use “inspect element” to make a fake tweet, or well, a fake screen cap of anything. I’ve seen plenty of idiots on twitter show me their “bank account” with “millions” in it because they know the most minimal of HTML.

So if it’s real, prove it with an link or something of similar trustworthiness.

If you do, I will post a video of me in UT swag singing “Rocky Top”. Be warned, I may or may not be able to sing.