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Around the League: Week 6

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NCAA Football: Utah at Stanford Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back, and with updates about the games you may have missed.

Utah 40 @ (#14) Stanford 21

Utah absolutely exploded Saturday in their road win over Stanford. Stanford, missing RB Bryce Love, could not move the ball at all on the ground. Collectively, they ran for 42 yards across 4 ball carriers. K.J. Costello was the bulk of the offense, throwing for 381 yards, but threw two picks (one a 100-yard by Jaylon Johnson). Stanford would only get on the board in the final moments of the first half to make it 24-7, and even a 14 point rally in the third wasn’t enough to motivate the team to come back. Utah roared right back with 16 unanswered points, aided by forcing two fumbles. At the end of the day Utah took advantage of each and every mistake Stanford made, and once again shows what happens when you cannot control the ball.

(#6) Notre Dame 45 @ (#24) Virginia Tech 23

The story of this game is a story of depth. Virginia Tech struggled all game to finish drives, but it got very apparent in the second half of the game. Going into the third, the game was only 17-16, but the Hokies simply coudn’t get anything going. Their first four drives ended with a Vanerbiltian two punts and two missed FGs. Drive after drive stalled crossing midfield, as Notre Dame turned on the gas. They scored four touchdowns on their first five drives of the second half. The Notre Dame team out there now is worlds better than the one we played, and it’s in no small part to the QB change they made. Ian Book may have only thrown for 271 yards but the whole offense has gotten better with him under center. While most years I’m annoyed at the press hype about the Irish, this year it’s deserved.

(#19) Texas 48 @ (#7) Oklahoma 45

The Red River Shootout rarely disappoints. Down 45-24 with mere seconds to go in the third, most people likely turned off the game to find something else. They missed a helluva comeback. After trading punts, the Sooners corrected their more than 50 minutes of lackluster play with a seven minute campaign scoring 3 TDs on three drives of 6, 1, and 3 plays. In turn, Texas went three and out on two of three drives and only moved the ball 20 yards on the other. Texas got the ball with 2:38 remaining and a tie game. A nine play drive followed, ending with a Texas 40-yard FG to end it. Beyond this tale though is again the message that turnovers ruin everything. The Sooners fumbled and threw a pick at inopportune moments while Texas never turned the ball over. Mistakes that ended up costing them in the long run.

Florida State 27 @ (#17) Miami 28

If there’s ever a time where I will cheer for the Noles, it is when they play Miami. Especially when a garbage FSU team is playing a top 25 ranked Miami squad. Florida State absolutely dominated Miami most of the game. After a 75 yard punt return to the house the Noles were up 27-7 and it seemed like the game was all but over. The FSU defense was doing a marvelous job of keeping Miami in check, and the FSU offense, while being its usual mediocre self, was getting enough points. Then Deondre Francois fumbled on the FSU 20, setting up a Miami touchdown. Francois would follow it up with a pick two plays later which also would set up a Miami touchdown. FSU would get a chance with 12:42 left to kick a FG, but they’d miss. Miami would respond with a four play 73 yard drive for the last points of the game. The rest of the game was a cripple fight of 4-5 play drives. Neither team looked terribly impressive Saturday, and we once again saw that Miami is more lucky than it is good.

(#5) LSU 19 @ (#22) Florida 27

You’d think I’d be used to this from my admittedly paltry 12 years of watching LSU football, but LSU WRs always seem schizophrenic. They can make insane one handed circus catches but hit them in the numbers and it bounces to the turf. This was never more apparent as Joe Burrow hit two receivers on the final LSU drive and both passes fell to the turf. One of these passes hitting Justin Jefferson in the hands on an admittedly high throw along the sidelines. The other hitting Stephen Sullivan right in the chest and it was just dropped. LSU simply couldn’t get it going at all following their 7-0 start. Joe Burrow honestly played most of the game in the way he’s been playing most of the year. Good solid passes with just enough to take pressure off the running game. Unfortunately, his first pick of the year came at the worst possible time, throwing a pick-6 to LSU’s own 25 yard line in a 19-20 game. The INT would be taken to the house and seal LSU’s fate. In the end LSU was beaten in all the little things and they added up to a loss. Because Vanderbilt cannot have anything nice, Florida is finding its stride.

(#13) Kentucky 14 @ Texas A&M 20

I didn’t watch a snap of regulation, and looking at the play by play, I’m glad I didn’t. It frankly looks like an absolute punt-fest and very little in the way of sustained drives. What I do wanna talk about though here is that Stoops apparently has about as much control over his offense as Mason. 3rd and 2 in OT, Kentucky opts to go for a passing play with guys open on the flats. That’s right. Third and two and they didn’t give the ball to Snell. Insane. So insane that Stoops himself seemed confused about it. It’s on you Mark. But if the playcall was stupid, QB Terry Wilson is even more stupid for taking a sack in a situation like that. UK would miss a 43-yarder and Aggie would respond with a quick four play touchdown.

Missouri 35 @ South Carolina 37

I was at a wedding reception Saturday afternoon at a local brewery. This game was on and I just was laughing at how much rain there was everywhere. The stadium itself started leaking. Really I’m just posting this to remind y’all that we still gotta play Mizzou and blame it on the rain all you want, but they were able to hang with Carolina.