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Jordan Rodgers Reconnects to Talk Football, Vanderbilt and His Favorite Breakfast

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Anchor of Gold Catches Up With Former Vanderbilt QB And Current Bachelor Sensation Jordan Rodgers to talk Football, Breakfast and the Bachelorette

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When I got the opportunity to interview Jordan Rodgers last week, I bet you can imagine how this Bachelor-loving girl reacted. That’s right. I was completely professional and grateful for the opportunity, didn’t fangirl at all and wanted to keep my line of questioning light and within scope.

No, really, that’s exactly how it went. I was more excited to ask about football and the SEC than about what it was like going on reality TV to find love (and successful love, at that!). Sure, I watched the entire season and I was outright TORN when the love of my life Ben Higgins got rejected, but I guess that just means he’s still available for me, right? Right??

Anyway, I caught up with Jordan Rodgers and got his take on a few things Bachelor, breakfast and football related, and it was quite the pleasant interaction. And no, I didn’t ask about that cringe-worthy mac-and-cheese commercial.

I wanted to ask the hard-hitting questions first, the ones that are buzzing our brains here at Anchor of Gold and all across Vandy nation: “How’s Jojo?” Jordan laughed. Of COURSE we’re concerned about our favorite Bachelorette. “My fiancé is doing great,” he replied laughing, “She’s eating Pringles and laughing so she’s doing great.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s a legitimate concern! I congratulated him on the upcoming nuptials and confirmed we can’t wait to hear when more details come out.

Now, onto the real talk. How has been the transition from College football, to Professional football, to The Bachelorette, and back into sports as an SEC Network analyst?

“It’s an interesting one. You don’t really realize when you come from a sports background, because you think fans are crazy when you deal with the fans in the stadium and fans of the teams, and then you get a taste of reality TV fans, and you’re like, those sports fans were nothing!” Ok Jordan, we’re with ya on this one. You drop a pass in the NFL, you might get a few hundred “you suck” mentions on Twitter, but you threaten to punch someone every episode for 10 straight weeks, like our favorite love-to-hate villain Chad, Bachelor nation is pretty unforgiving. “But it’s been great balancing the two and having a lot of fans of both.”

But back to football, who in the SEC is the most likely to come out of the woodworks to beat Bama this year?! “Well it’s always gonna be Georgia!” Aww, boo. I was hoping to hear Auburn, maybe even LSU. “I think Kentucky made a bit of a statement coming out of Mississippi State, I don’t think a lot of us saw that coming, at least as dominant as they were, so they could compete with Georgia.” Ok, ok, I’m with ya Jordan, Kentucky coming up out of nowhere. Sure I can get on board with that. “But I really don’t see anybody competing with Alabama, though. I think this is the best Alabama team we’ve seen in the best decade— most powerful on offense, most balanced they’ve ever been. Unfortunately, I know we all want to see competition, but I don’t really see it this year.”

Ok, competition, sure: let’s talk about Vandy! Because we all know the competition they provide.

The last time Jordan Rodgers was with Vanderbilt, he had Jordan Matthews making plays and the two were pretty good together. So I was curious if Jordan had kept in touch with Jordan Matthews at all.

“Yeah! J-Matt is a good bud, I did his charity event at Vanderbilt this offseason, we keep in touch. It’s good to see him back with the Eagles now.”

You guys did so well together at Vanderbilt, and now doing charity events—any possibility of a future show with the two Jordans together on SEC Network?! (After J-Matt’s long and prosperous career with the Eagles is over, of course.)

“Funny—he’d be great! If it’s what he wants to do, I would love to work with J-Matt, he was always one of the funnier guys on the team. If he wants to come on over, I’d welcome him with open arms.” Ok, SEC Network, when you get the Jordan and Jordan show, I want all the credit. “Then I’d have a former teammate in Jordan Matthews from football, and also a former colleague and Bachelor guy in Jesse Palmer, it would kinda come full circle!” Jenn Greening: the content maker.

Now we had to get into breakfast. If you didn’t know, Jordan Rodgers went head to head against Jesse Palmer and Maria Taylor for the Holiday Inn Express Breakfast READIEST Challenge— which Jordan won with his veggie omelet as the kicker. “It was a lot of fun—me and Jesse and Maria did a Chopped! style competition, so for me, if I could just put everything you would want into a breakfast sandwich, then I knew I could win this.”

He had the sausage, the bacon, the eggs, and thought it might be a little heavy, so he added the veggie omelet for those of us who are health conscious. Thanks for not forgetting us vegetarians, Jordan.

While it looked like a lot of fun, it sounds like Holiday Inn Express is the place to stay when traveling to see Vanderbilt play, or any other SEC team, with their all American breakfast options. Apparently you can sign up and get 15% off your stay thanks to our beloved Jordan Rodgers. And who couldn’t use a heart breakfast before a big day of tailgating and cheering on your favorite SEC teams?