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Saturday Tailgate: Georgia

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Doesn’t Look Good

AoG Saturday Tailgate

AoG Week in Review

I thought I was speechless last week. I was wrong. Somehow, the same team that crushed MTSU and Nevada, the same team that should have beaten Notre Dame, barely beat a 1-AA team. Sometimes this happens to, you know, good football teams. And it wasn’t just a comedy of mistakes. It was that we really were outplayed most of the game. It was so bad that Shawn, our new guy, saw that our warnings about VU football were true. Vanderbilt football will never let you be happy. Every year you convince yourself after a few games that THIS team is different. Then they remind you who they are - bad. It is a hell that compares only to being a Browns Jets fan.

I’m not sure if the problem is that we just were looking past TN State, or whether we’re really really bad, but this is inexcusable. None of us really see an easy path to “salvaging” the season, and at best we consider 6-6 to be salvaging at this point.

This week is going to be a terrible one to follow. Georgia is the easy #2 team in the country. There’s no way we pull out the miracle, and very little chance we even keep it close. I don’t expect to see a performance today that will alleviate any of our concerns. I’d love to be proven wrong. I’d love some confidence going into very good looking UK, and better looking UF and Mizzou.

Other Notes

Get Ready for VU Football

We have the Bulldogs of Georgia at Samford today. Now that you’ve got your ‘Hail Mary’s in, you can read our offense and defense previews. You know, just in case you wanna know just how screwed we are. Somehow we’re only 26.5 underdogs. Still, we managed to write “predictions” for the week.

No week in review or around the league this week. I needed a week off. I think we all did after this week. This place has been dead.

Vanderbilt, please do something to salvage our enthusiasm.

Anchor Down!