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Saturday Tailgate: Kentucky

“Fourth time’s the charm?”

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AoG Week in Review

There’s something about Vanderbilt Football. Even up 21-3, and I felt myself thinking “holy crap we may have this”, I still had that thought in my mind: no we don’t. I wouldn’t quite characterize it as same old Vandy, but Vanderbilt once again blew a big lead. Even coming out of the half 21-10 and forcing a quick three and out, I found myself thinking “get a score and this game is ours”. Nope. Time after time we had a chance to put this game away and we failed. That’s not the way a good football team plays.

As Tom rightfully pointed out, our lead was not because we were the better team. In fact, we made two big plays (the INT and the hilarious fumble). The game really seemed to turn after Vaughn left the game, and Vanderbilt elected to rely too heavily on the passing game from there out. This was an odd choice, but more importantly, I think it speaks to bad game prep. It seems to me we had no real run plan if Vaughn couldn’t play. So we just didn’t do it. I am very annoyed by this because our other two RBs are perfectly capable of picking up slack. On top of that, VU refused to go for it on 4th and two in key situations. Taking the points is important too, but sometimes you need to realize the momentum isn’t on your side and 6 is more important than 3.

Vanderbilt is ultimately who we thought they were at the start of the season. A team that can have moments of greatness, but just simply not on par with the conference. At least we’ll have Vaughn back this week. Though as DotP points out we have played three top 15 teams this season. While we are all aware there’s glaring issues to be addressed, you can point to some positive things. We play another top 15 today. “Fourth times the charm, Maybe?”


Around the League

There were an incredible amount of upsets this week, and I didn’t even cover the craziness with Pac-12 officiating. Get caught up in this week’s AtL.

There’s Other Football

We have another day of great football ahead of us, y’all. Even games like NC State @ Clemson stand to be a possible surprise. Spoiler alert, I’m most interested in State @ LSU in my weekly watch guide.

Get Ready for VU Football

You want Kentucky hot takes? We got Kentucky hot takes. We’re an equal opportunity stupidity blog, so feel free to add your own predictions. Q&As this season seem to be fewer and far between (we have real jobs you know!), but we do have a defense and offense rundown of the Wildcats. That way, you can look smart to your tailgate. We all love talking out of our rears here, so we wholly endorse it.

Look y’all, this game is going to be rough. I know we still like to think of UK as beatable, but they’re actually quite good this year. It is hard to think about given how confident we were a month ago, but our schedule is actually really hard. No game is a gimme. VU needs to play the full 60 minutes (unlike last week) if they wanna win. Let’s see if they can do it.