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There’s Other Football: 2018 WK 8

Another great week of football

Clemson v North Carolina State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

(#6) Michigan @ (#24) Michigan State 1200 ET (1100 CT), FOX

The first game of the day turns into a great one to start with. Michigan is a clear favorite, but not a strong one. MSU has won four of the last five and eight of the last ten match-ups against Michigan. More importantly, they’re 2 for three with Harbaugh at Michigan, AND their only win was... at Michigan State. So history is certainly on MSU’s side, but that history has been slowly changing with Michigan's (relatively) new leadership. It’s not just a top-25 cop out to watch this game, it’s a game that’s become a fun one to watch.

Backup Game: Keep an eye at (#9) Oklahoma @ TCU (ABC). TCU is good for an upset that’ll mean a lot.

(#16) NC State @ (#3) Clemson, 1530 ET (1430 CT), ESPN

Truth be told, there’s not a lot in the way of good games in the mid-afternoon slot. Essentially, you have your choice of four games that have the potential for an amazing upset. These are PSU @ Indiana, Colorado @ Washington, Alabama @ Tennessee and NC State and Clemson. I see the most value in watching this game. Like all the other games, this game should be a blowout, but it’s the only one where a reasonable chance is there that a team will keep it close. I wouldn’t bet on Clemson to miss this, but it’ll be worth watching. Backups are any of the other games. Otherwise I dunno, watch Wake @ FSU (ESPN2).

(#22) Mississippi State @ (#5) LSU 1900 ET (1800 CT), ESPN

ONETEAMONEHEARTBEATGEAUXTIGERS. LSU bounced back from an awful loss to UF with an amazing trouncing of Jawga. As I covered in the week in review, it wasn’t close. Part of that is on UGA’s bad playcalling, but LSU showed they’re indeed a playoff contender now. MSU is a big test for them, and mercifully it’s followed by their bye (which is always before Alabama). LSU games are always fun to watch. Especially SEC night games.

Backup Game: (#12) Oregon @ (#25) Wazzu. This is technically a backup-backup as you’re already switching away from Vandy. So if you’re already this far down the list, be happy you have a top-25 game.

Arizona @ UCLA 2230 ET (2130 CT), ESPN

There’s only three late games, and one of them is in Hawaii and therefore doesn’t start until 2300 CT. So it’s either this or SJSU @ SDSU. You tell me that that’s the better game. Go ahead.