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Around the League: Week 7

Lots of Upsets!

NCAA Football: Georgia at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

We’re past the halfway mark of the season, which means that football is going to be great from here on out. Lots of upsets last weekend, here’s brief summaries of some of the action.

(#2) Georgia 16 @ (#13) LSU 36

In my weekly prediction, I did not elect to take LSU as my upset pick. I saw this game going something like 10-7 or a similarly grueling affair. It was anything but. LSU kicked Georgia’s ass. LSU got it done mostly with Clyde Edwards-Helaire (145 yds) and Nick Brosette (64 yds). Burrow continues to be... well the QB LSU needs him to be right now. 200 yards in the air and 66 on the ground. Burrow is keeping the offense alive and moving the offense with sufficient potency. This is especially encouraging against a very good UGA defense. On the other side of the ball, I don’t know what UGA’s OC is thinking. Their RBs are unstoppable wrecking machines but Swift and Holyfield combined for less than 20 carries. They had Fromm throw over 34 times, twice for picks. This was LSU’s game all night, and UGA simply was not the better team.

(#6) West Virginia 14 @ Iowa State 30

Hey, remember what I told you during my weekly viewing guide. Iowa State is always good for an upset, and it’s always worth keeping your eye on their game when they’re playing a ranked team. Did you know this game was called the “Riot Bowl”? I didn’t! If you thought Vandy had trouble on third down, WVU went 1/10 on third downs over the course of the game. That should explain the absolutely laughable 152 yards of total offense they managed to muster against a Cyclones team they should have beaten. The Mountaineers were equally useless on defense, allowing nearly 500 yards. Going into the half, WVU managed to block a FG that they took 74 yards to the house. A 20-14 score at the half made it look as WVU would regroup and get it done. They would not score again for the rest of the game.

(#7) Washington 27 @ (#17) Oregon 30

This game was a thriller. Back and forth all the way through, and never outside of a one score affair. Washington and Oregon were extremely evenly matched, and it’s a shame we’ll not get to see them play each other again this year. The big glaring issue, however, was UW could not get sufficient pressure on Oregon’s QB which ended up keeping many drives alive that shouldn’t have been. In the end, UW would be on the Oregon 20 for a last second field goal attempt to win the game. They’d miss, and end up blowing it in OT. The Pac-12 North is going to be a season long struggle.

Michigan State 21 @ (#8) Penn State 17

Let’s be honest, we’re pretty much all anti-PSU fans for the foreseeable future. Not just because of HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED but because of well, you know THAT THING SBN GETS MAD AT US IF WE TALK ABOUT PSU’S COMPLICITY IN. What makes it even better, however, is how the Penn State fans had joy stripped from them. MSU tied the game up in the third, for PSU to go up halfway through the fourth by a FG. From there, MSU moved with inevitability. It took three drives and two stellar stops by their defense, but MSU managed to get into the endzone with merely 19 seconds remaining. It’s not up yet, so I cannot link you, but run over to RollBamaRoll later today, because they’ll almost certainly feature sad PSU fans in this week’s meltdown.

Tennessee 30 @ (#21) Auburn 24

I gotta admit, I was really only picking this upset in a cynical rage. Because Vanderbilt can never have anything nice, Tennessee was bound to win a big game well enough before we played them. Now they’ll have confidence and not hate themselves. Because that’s how VUFB is. We can never have a sad Tennessee team to play. Tennessee started pulling ahead in the second half, and didn’t look back. Gus Bus may be done at Auburn.

(#19) Colorado 20 @ Southern Cal 31

Southern Cal won a meaningful game. Boo.

(#16) Miami 13 @ Virginia 16

...on the other hand Miami fans are sad after a hilarious loss to Virginia. So Yay.