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There’s Other Football: 2018 WK 7

Michigan v Wisconsin Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Some solid games this week, so if (when) the Florida game goes South, fear not! There’s a lot of good football to be had.

Tennessee @ (#21) Auburn 1200 ET (1100 CT) SECN

...but bad news up front is that if our game goes South, there’s not much else to watch. Tennessee Auburn is pretty much the first game I’d check up on. Auburn are huge favorites, but the way I see it you get one of two things out of this game. The more likely outcome is you’ll get to watch Tennessee get obliterated. The less likely outcome (more likely if you ask Auburn fans) is you may see Auburn struggle yet again against a team they shouldn’t. Either way, if you’re tuning out of the Florida game, it’s a better option.

(#2) Georgia @ (#13) LSU 1530 ET (1430 CT), CBS

LSU lost a very winnable game in the Swamp last week. LSU WRs once again showed that while they’ll make insane circus catches, they’ll still drop the ball when you hit them in the hands. That’s normal for LSU, and that’s why it doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is that the LSU OL frequently got beat against Florida and that’s something UGA is going to exploit. On top of all that, it’s the CBS game, and the true power of Tiger Stadium isn’t realized until the sun goes down. Nonetheless, LSU is now fighting for their playoff lives. They still have MSU, Bama and TAMU after UGA, so it’s absolutely possible to be in the conversation if they win. On the other hand, Georgia is very likely the SECe champ. If the unthinkable happens and LSU wins out, this could turn out to be a preview of the SECCG.

Backup Choice: #7 Washington @ #17 Oregon. (ABC) Because duh. With Stanford fallen, this is essentially deciding who will (likely) win the North.

(#15) Wisconsin at (#12) Michigan 1930 ET (1830 CT), ABC

The only top 25 match-up in prime-time is the obvious choice here. Michigan comes into the game strong favorites (8.5 at time of writing) but that seems too much too me. Wisconsin shows time and again the ability to hang in match-ups like this especially in big time games. Take Wisconsin and the points.

Backup Choice: It’s a cop out, but I’m falling back on my ol’ “Iowa State is always good for an upset” mantra. Keep an eye on (#6) WVU @ Iowa State (FS1) during prime-time.

(#19) Colorado @ Southern Cal 2230 ET (2130 CT), FS1

Colorado comes into this game atop the Pac-12 South and undefeated. Their Pac-12 victories are ASU and UCLA, so not cupcakes, but not juggernauts. Southern Cal on the other hand has two losses but to Stanford and Texas. So it’s an interesting match-up. We’ll get to see what both these teams are made of. It’s likely the 7 point favorite Trojans will be victorious, but Coloardo seems to be riding a team of destiny vibe at the moment. A great game to end the night.