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Report: Jeff Genyk won’t be retained as assistant coach

Genyk spent the last two teams as special teams coordinator and running backs coach.

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Eastern Michigan v Maryland Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Adam Sparks at the Tennessean reports that special teams coordinator and running backs coach Jeff Genyk won’t be retained next season.

It’s been somewhat expected that Vanderbilt might make some changes on the coaching staff on the heels of a disappointing 5-7 season, and Genyk is rather low-hanging fruit. As special teams coordinator, he was responsible for a unit that ranked 128th of 130 FBS teams in Special Teams S&P+, and managed to turn one of the country’s top punter recruits into an abomination of a rugby punter who transferred out of the program. On the running backs side, Genyk took what appeared to be a deep unit and managed to finish 93rd in Rushing S&P+. That’s... not good.

So Vanderbilt will now have at least two new assistant coaches this upcoming season; in addition to Genyk’s replacement, FBS schools are now allotted a tenth full-time assistant coach for next season. One of those could go to former defensive assistant Osia Lewis, who took a leave of absence following a cancer diagnosis in February but presumably would return if healthy.