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Call for Letters: MTSU Aftermath

Send Us Questions About the team

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Middle Tennessee Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

ed 9/5 13:45 CT: Thanks for the overwhelming amount of questions y’all! If you haven’t gotten one in for this week, please feel free to send in one next week. We’ve got more than enough to answer for this one!

We’re going to try to run the AoG question-answer for y’all as a weekly feature. I think we ran it well for the offseason Q&A thread, and questions will undoubtedly come up after every game. So send ‘em into and we’ll give you attempts at answers. Have questions about a play? Send it in. Have questions about how a position is faring, send it in. Sending questions into AoG is like a mystery cooler - you may not like the answer you’re getting but at least you’ll have a good time.

Anchor Down y’all!