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AoG 2017 Footbaw Mailbag: Call for Letters

Got questions about the season? We can “help”!

Tennessee v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

e: in case it wasn’t clear, your questions will be answered in an upcoming thread.

The footbaw season draws near, and surely you’ve got questions about how it’s going to pan out. Fear not! Your professionally trained AoG staff* is happy to help. How’s Vanderbilt going to utilize so-and-so? What’s the difference between a trap and power run? What can we be doing better on defense? What’s our favorite tailgate game? We’ll apply the finest in overthought opinions to address all your Vanderbilt footbaw concerns.

I’m volunteering the AoG staff for this without asking them. So maybe this will be a group effort and maybe you’ll just get my grizzled answers as I have to answer all of them! Who knows? Just like Vanderbilt’s season, it’s a mystery as to what’s going to happen.

NOTE: W/L predictions are coming, so no need to request those.

Send your questions into

I’ve closed the comments section because I’m saving the fighting over the answers for the answer thread.

*AoG staff may or may not be “professionally trained”