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Steve Spurrier Still Owns

In other news, water is wet

Ohio State v Oklahoma Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

You may have seen this yesterday, but it’s a slow day and I’m going to post what I want about one of my favorite coaches ever. This has nothing to do with Vanderbilt, but I’m going to post it anyway.

Steve Spurrier was addressing the crowd at the Independence Bowl “Kickoff Luncheon”, when he got to the topic of recruitment. That’s when the Spurdog dropped another classic:

You can have good ball players, and still not win football games; all you LSU fans know about that.

In case you forgot, the Independence Bowl is in Shreveport, Louisiana. So it wasn’t like he dropped this line figuring that there had to be one or two LSU fans in the crowd. No. He is the Spurdog. He said this to a full crowd of LSU fans.

Video for full glory:

LSU fans took it in good stride, actually. Our friends at ATVS pointed out that like all Spurrier-isms, he had a good point.