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Vanderbilt SEC Network Takeover Scheduled for July 22

We don’t know what will be on the schedule yet, but go ahead and plan on spending a Saturday watching the SECN.

Eddie Fogler

In what’s becoming an annual tradition, the SEC Network is filling the two weeks between SEC Media Days and the start of preseason practice by allowing each of the 14 member schools to control SEC Network programming for 24 hours.

Vanderbilt drew July 22, which is a Saturday, and you can go ahead and plan on spending that day on the couch because you know you will, even if the schedule is like last year’s which you know it probably will be.

One thing that we know will be on the schedule, per the linked article? The 2014 national title game against Virginia, because of course. But we have some more suggestions.

Vanderbilt 45, Tennessee 34 (November 26, 2016): This is like the most obvious choice.

Vanderbilt 93, Kentucky 52 (February 12, 2008): While this was an aesthetically awful game, what is the point of the SEC Network takeover if not to troll rivals?

Vanderbilt 101, Kentucky 86 (January 13, 1993): Look, it’s the third year of this and we still have not featured a game from the last time we won a SEC regular season title in basketball, so why not pick the one that was (a) a win over the #1 team in the country and (b) Kentucky?

Vanderbilt 28, Tennessee 24 (November 19, 2005): Hey, why not?

Original Content: A Day in the Life of David Williams, hosted by Adam Sparks, probably. We would also suggest Great Moments in Athletic Director Lawyering but that would involve showing footage from the 2014 Temple game, which we have incinerated.

Okay, I’m out of ideas. Throw yours in the comments.