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MLB Signing Deadline Passes: All Commits are Coming to Nashville!

...and we celebrate!

Sweet sassy mollassey!
Saturday Night Live

Remember when I told you the 2017 MLB draft went exceptionally well for us? Remember, further, when I said there was a good shot of us shooting the moon and having every single one of our commits come to campus? Remember the time Chet Harper hosted Sports Center, and clever metaphors eluded him like a fat chick waving a trophy from the smell contest?

SWEET SASSY MOLASSEY, none of the drafted high schoolers committed to play for Corbs signed with the teams who drafted them!

Here’s what that means:

  1. We will have the top rated incoming freshman class for the eleventy billionth time under Coach Corbin, but in my book, you’ve got to get to White Castle before the weirdos show up. Stu-pot!
  2. Get out the checkbook and pay grandma for the rubdown, as a whopping 10 of these players are on Baseball America’s top 500 draft prospects list.
  3. Tim Corbin has been the head man here for 15 years, and has brought in the most players from those respective lists (30) of any coach in college baseball. You may remember some of the players on those lists, like Walker Buehler, Carson Fulmer, and Dansby Freaking Swanson. Well, we normally get a couple of them... AND THIS YEAR WE HAVE 10. Sweet Sassy Molassey! You are gonna pay a lot for this muffler! And the cost is gonna be prohibitive!
  4. 10 potential Dansby Swansons. You’d better watch what you’re saying! Stu-manji!
  5. Lord Sweet Pappy Johnson with an erection, we will be back to Omaha!

Wave that trophy, boys... and not the one from the smell contest.