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Is this the Vanderbilt SEC Network Takeover schedule?

It hasn’t been officially announced, but ESPN’s programming schedule may have tipped Vanderbilt’s hand.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

While the schedule for Vanderbilt’s SEC Network Takeover on July 22 hasn’t been officially announced, we may have found it (h/t parlagi.) Just have a look at the WatchESPN schedule for July 22 (select "SEC Network" on the dropdown menu) and you’ll see everything that’s set to air on the SEC Network on July 22.

So what’s showing on the schedule? Well, most of the games don’t have a date (or even a season) listed, but we can guess.

12:00 AM: Chattanooga at Vanderbilt, Men’s Basketball: We can only assume this is the Chattanooga game from December 17, 2016, which we won on a buzzer-beater by Luke Kornet. While that was an exciting ending, I’m ... not entirely sure why "we needed a buzzer-beater to beat Chattanooga" is something we want to broadcast.

2:00 AM: Duke vs. Vanderbilt, Women’s Basketball: Vanderbilt beat Duke last year in Stephanie White’s first season. On the other hand, this is listed as "#9 Duke vs. Vanderbilt," and Duke was not ranked when we beat them last season. So... I’m not 100 percent sure.

4:00 AM: Vanderbilt vs. Florida, Baseball: This is denoted as "Semifinal #2," so I can only assume this is an SEC Tournament game. We beat Florida in the second semifinal in 2013, so I’m guessing that’s it.

6:00 AM: SEC Men’s Golf Championship: I’m just going to assume this is from 2017, as we won the SEC golf championship this year.

8:00 AM: Chaos to Community: How Race and Sport Helped a University Discover a Road to Reconciliation: In case you weren’t familiar with Perry Wallace.

8:30 AM: NCAA Women’s Bowling Championship: HELL YES.

9:30 AM: #17 Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt, Football: Yeah, if we weren’t showing 45-34, we’re idiots.

11:30 AM: Texas A&M vs. Vanderbilt, Women’s Soccer: I don’t know. It’s women’s soccer.

1:00 PM: Vanderbilt vs. Florida, Men’s Basketball: We beat Florida three times last year, so this really narrows it down. Heck, it may not even be from last year. But there IS a basketball game between us and Florida being broadcast. We’re listed first, which means it was either a road or SEC Tournament game, though, so it’s not the WALSH YOU SUCK game.

2:30 PM: SEC Indoor Track & Field Championship: I really have no idea.

3:30 PM: Vanderbilt vs. Georgia, Football: This is probably last year’s win in Athens. Which, yeah. There’s an outside chance it’s the 2006 game in Athens, I guess.

5:30 PM: Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee, Women’s Soccer: Okay.

7:00 PM: Vanderbilt vs. Virginia, College World Series Championship: Duh.

10:00 PM: Chaos to Community, again.

10:30 PM: Vanderbilt vs. Auburn, Women’s Basketball: This is the 2009 SEC Tournament championship.

If this is the schedule, I don’t have too many complaints. Yeah, it’s pretty heavy on recent stuff, but while us fans might like to see stuff from the 1980s and 1990s for nostalgia reasons... well, why not just use this as a 24-hour commercial for how well Vanderbilt athletics are doing at the moment?