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Oh no. Vanderbilt might be serious about moving the football team off campus.

Here comes a bad idea again.

NCAA Football: Middle Tennessee at Vanderbilt Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

There have been rumblings of replacing Vanderbilt Stadium, or at least doing major renovations, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never understood the problems that some fans have with the current stadium — because the complaints are normally along the lines of “in-game entertainment” and “uncomfortable seating.” It’s more or less the typical complaints of people who always want to complain about something.

I might feel differently if Vanderbilt Stadium were falling apart or were structurally unsound. But it still seems like a perfectly cromulent place to watch a football game, which is all I really ask of these things. But okay, even if we accept that Vanderbilt needs a new football stadium,

Vanderbilt University is launching a survey of its athletics fans to determine interest in holding some future athletics events in a new stadium that has been proposed for a potential Major League Soccer franchise in Nashville.

Who even wants this? There’s a certain segment of the fanbase that is evidently fine with anything as long as it involves a new stadium. Again, I admit that I don’t really care if we replace the current stadium — which, again, I find perfectly cromulent — but if we have to do it, this is still a dumb as hell idea, and I would love to hear the argument for moving to a soccer stadium three miles from campus.

Because it sounds like Vanderbilt — or at least some well-heeled boosters that are also involved in the MLS bid — is determined to make this happen.