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Game 11: Houston Baptist Huskies at Vanderbilt Commodores -- Open GameThread

Yes, Houston Baptist is a real college and not one we just made up.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Your Vanderbilt Commodores are 3-7 in basketball right now and need wins in their next two games to match the football team's stellar 5-7 mark on the season. Tonight at 6 PM CT, the Commodores will host the Houston Baptist Huskies in hopes of ending a three-game losing streak. Yes, Houston Baptist University is a real college. Some facts about Houston Baptist:

-The university has 3,325 students, 2,316 of which are undergraduates. I live in Houston and can't recall ever meeting anyone who went to college there, however.

-Houston Baptist was Division I in the 1980s, then dropped to NAIA in 1989, before returning to Division I in 2007. I don't know, either.

-Colin Montgomerie went there. The more you know.

-The guy who gave the Baptist General Convention of Texas the land for the college was later convicted of violating federal banking and securities laws.

-They made the NCAA Tournament once, in 1984. Ironically they played Vanderbilt's next opponent, Alcorn State.

Anyway, Houston Baptist is 4-8 and ranked #269 in KenPom. Three of their wins have come against the murderer's row of Arlington Baptist, Dallas Christian, and Barclay, none of which I am convinced are real colleges, and they also beat Texas State, which is fielding a team of walk-ons, a 34-year-old quarterback, and Kathy Ireland thanks to the recent NCAA sanctions. They lost to Michigan State by a score of 107-62 in their last outing. Basically, if we lose this game, we should probably just give up. A lot of us seem to have done just that already judging by the number of comments in the recent game threads.