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Rivalry Game 2nd Half Game Thread

Just got home and noticed there wasn’t one. Fixed that nonsense. Discuss all hatred of the Chuggers here. Also, a game of football.

The Simpsons; Frinkiac

Up 21-14 at half. No hope of a bowl, but beating the Chuggers is always fun.

Schrodinger’s Cat Dilemma: If allowing Brady Hoke to mount a comeback would result in him getting the jerb, do we even want to win? Discuss.

Beating the Chuggers likely lets Mason keep his jerb another year, right? See dead/live cat in box above. Discuss.

Hey, Shurms McKenzie just picked up the single season TD record with 24. Suck it, Whit Taylor! Should have had another to Bisons. Discuss.

I know Butchie was fired, but I think this is a fitting recap of the first half given his “brick by brick” mantra. Now whatchu gone do with it?