An Ode to USC

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Founders Park, Columbia, SC, April 18, 2015. It's pregame before the third of a three game series between our Vanderbilt Commodore Baseball team and the South Carolina Gamecocks. This game is my first and thus far only visit to Columbia, facilitated by my Best Friend from College, Ben (pseudonym) and his family. The beauty of the location is undeniable. Placed right next to the Conagree River, the park is spectacular. Arriving early enough to be in no hurry, I got to meet the live mascot, Sir Big Spur, and get his pre-signed autograph which I still have somewhere in the house. I appreciate that they sell right proper bratwurst at the park, because eating poultry didn't seem right at that moment.

I've come to learn that unlike our University, the baseball and football facilities are off-campus at USC and so my brief visit to the diamond will actually not end up being a tour of campus. That's not a judgment on Carolina, just an observation as to how I can't extol the virtues of the campus - I didn't see much of it. Apologies. I got to see the outside of the State Capitol building and as a right proper geography nerd this was quite satisfying.

People were very, very friendly at USC and more than a few Carolinian Vandy folks of my generation were there to see the game also. Which Vandy lost.

In hindsight, I feel Ben and I blew an opportunity however. For that very weekend, the SEC Women's Tennis Tournament was being held at USC. Where our brave and talented team won the SEC title. And, as we would celebrate later, the NCAA title as well, the third VU sport to win a title.

And we missed it. I suggested we drop in but circumstances didn't allow and I didn't push.

Will Coach Mason have our team ready for whatever Coach Muschamp has prepared? Time will tell. Best of luck to all. Anchor Down and #FightDores.

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