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The 2017 Football Season

Victory Hoedown Thread

...or is it a hootenanny?

VUFB - Mizzou @ Vandy Gamethread

Join us for one more non-conference game on November Non-Conference Saturday, as we beat this dead horse of a joke into the ground.

The Statistical: Western Kentucky

The two-touchdown final margin actually understates things.

Western Kentucky game set for 11 AM kickoff on ESPNU

Of course it is.

Lessons in Vanderbilt Football: Ole Miss

Derek Mason forgot to bring the scuba tanks, and the Landsharks devoured plenty of Commodore optimism along with Kyle Shurmur.

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An Ode to USC

Call For Letters: Mississippi Aftermath

I Don’t Know Either

The Statistical: Ole Miss

Everybody needs a break right now, fans included.

Saturday Tailgate: Ole Miss

The Tailgate was going to make the game this week but instead got into a 3-hour debate on how to properly BBQ pork

Q&A With Red Cup Rebellion

Will Gates of RCR answers some asinine questions from VTPhD

Lessons in Vanderbilt Football: Georgia

Top 5 teams are still really hard to compete against.

DL Rutger Reitmaier will enroll at Vanderbilt

The four-star defensive tackle left Oregon after enrolling early.

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An Ode to the Univ. of Mississippi

Call for Letters: Georgia Aftermath

a little late in the post here, but y’all should know it was coming regardless

Ugh. Time to talk everyone off the cliff.

No, Vanderbilt is not as bad as they’ve looked the last three weeks.

Game 6: Bulldogs at Commodores Game Thread

Georgia beat Tennessee 41-0 last week. You do you, Tennessee.

AoG Mailbag: Florida Aftermath

I see you’re all as exhausted as we are...

Vandy - Mississippi Game is Set for 1430 CT.


Lessons in Vanderbilt Football: Florida

The Swamp was partially drained of fans, but the Commodores could not send the rest home unhappy.

Q&A with Dawg Sports

Vanderbilt hosts Georgia on Saturday, and MaconDawg is here to answer your questions.

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An Ode to UGA

Call for Letters: Florida Aftermath

Mailbag week whatever...

The Statistical: Florida

A deeper dive into the box score tells us we were maybe a bit fortunate to keep it close.

Piss Factor GIF Thread

Vanderbilt loses in the Swamp because of inexplicable garbage plays.

Saturday Tailgate: Florida

I’m Drunk

Call For Letters: Alabama Aftermath

Perhaps this is what we all need...

Georgia game set for 11 AM kickoff

The Commodores will host the Bulldogs on October 7.

VU Can Reclaim Life Championship from UF This Weekend

Florida is the Current Holder of the Butch Jones Life Champions Belt

Featured Fanshot

Hustler: VSG Senate Opposes Off-Campus Move

The Vanderbilt Student Government Senate has proposed a bill in opposition to a proposal to move the football team off campus.

This season can go one of two ways now

Vanderbilt looked awful on Saturday, but we can’t ignore the upside they showed in getting to 3-0.

Alabama 59, Vanderbilt 0: A horror show in numerical form

All the numbers you needed to see to know what your eyeballs already told you.

The GIF Thread of... oh, hell, we give up

Vanderbilt loses. Badly.