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Vanderbilt Releases Two-Deep for Western Kentucky; Ralph Webb to KR

Also, Nehemiah Mitchell is off the depth chart after not playing against Georgia Tech.

NCAA Football: Middle Tennessee at Vanderbilt Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Vanderbilt released its latest two-deep ahead of the Western Kentucky game today:

As some commenters have noted, in 2016 the two-deeps announced in the lead-up to the next game have frequently not been followed; it might be the case that the new two-deeps are simply the two-deep from the previous game put into writing.

That seems to be the case at defensive end. Jay Woods replaces Nehemiah Mitchell on the two-deep as the second-string defensive end behind Nifae Lealao. Mitchell did not play in the Georgia Tech game, but was listed on the two-deep preceding the game anyway, while Woods has been back playing for the last two weeks. So Mitchell’s absence was something we noted after the Georgia Tech game, and now he’s not listed on the two-deep ahead of the Western Kentucky game. I haven’t been able to find any information about why Mitchell missed the Georgia Tech game and what his ongoing status is. But Arnold Tarpley, who also didn’t play against Georgia Tech, is still listed on the two-deep, so something tells me Mitchell may be hurt.

Likewise, true freshman Bailey McElwain started at fullback for Vanderbilt last week, and now the depth chart reflects that with McElwain moving ahead of Dallas Rivers on the two-deep.

And in the last change, Ralph Webb replaces C.J. Duncan as the second kick returner alongside Darrius Sims on the depth chart. I didn’t notice if Webb was back there in Saturday’s game, but the staff has tried him as a kick returner before, though they do apparently intend to stick with Sims as the primary return man.