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SB Nation’s Jason Kirk projects Vanderbilt to the Music City Bowl

You know, let’s get real for a minute: at this point, we would KILL for a trip to Shreveport.

Vanderbilt v Florida

Since Bobby Johnson broke Vanderbilt’s 26-year string of futility back in 2008, the Commodores have been to four bowl games.

SBN’s own Jason Kirk released his bowl predictions today, and he projects Vanderbilt to play Iowa in the Music City Bowl.

Yeah... that Music City Bowl. Since comments for that article are apparently closed, here’s where I express my displeasure with the SEC’s bowl selection process more than expressing displeasure with Kirk, who’s probably, you know, correct about a 6-6 Vanderbilt team’s bowl destination.

If that comes to pass, it will mean that of Vanderbilt’s last five bowl games, the Commodores will not have left the city of Nashville for three of those. Throw in the 2011 Liberty Bowl, and it’s four bowl games in the state of Tennessee.

I mean, really, guys, would it be too much to send us to Shreveport? How about the Gator Bowl (*I refuse to call this the TaxSlayer Bowl, which is the stupidest name for a bowl game I’ve ever heard.) Or, hell, even Charlotte, as boring as that sounds.

Officially, six of the SEC’s bowl tie-ins are designated “SEC pick 3 through 8,” which pretty much means they can put those teams in whatever bowl games they want. Yet there is an unwritten rule that Vanderbilt must end up in the crappiest bowl game possible. I don’t know, seriously though guys, whose idea was it to even have a bowl game in Nashville in the first place?

No, we don’t want to play our bowl game at whatever the Titans are calling their stadium these days. Yes, we should probably be happy just to get to a bowl game after the last two years, but I don’t get the sense that too many Vanderbilt fans are looking forward to another trip to the goddamn Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl.

Also, Bill C. picks us 56th in the country, which is slightly under half of what Paul Myerberg projected us. Also, there are ten days until Vanderbilt plays South Carolina.

Let’s hope for a bowl game, and not a bowl game that is played in Nashville.