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Ryan Flaherty is all the inspiration you need to make it through a mid-July Tuesday

All hail Flash, the greatest #VandyBoy of all time.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Let's say you're former #VandyBoy Ryan Flaherty. You're a useful utility infielder with the Baltimore Orioles. You play pretty much every position in the book.

But you also only bat .218 for your career, and you're facing a reliever who can dial his fastball up to 105 miles per hour, approximately 17 MPH faster than it takes to make a DeLorean travel through time. The tying run is at first base, and you can end this game with one swing. Unfortunately, the count is 0-2 and the Orioles' win probability graph looks like the Nielsen ratings of a network dedicated to broadcasting three full hours to celebrity game shows each night.

So what do you do? You tell Aroldis Chapman to put on his worker boots, in no uncertain terms.


Flaherty went on to hit a broken bat ground ball to second, and was thrown out to end the Oriole rally. Rumor has it Chapman retreated to his locker room shortly thereafter and spent the next hour and a half rocking back and forth quietly on the floor of the team shower.

If Ryan Flaherty can do it, so can you.