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VandySports: OL Cole Hardin Injured in Moped Accident in Nashville

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Vanderbilt got some bad news on Thursday when offensive lineman Cole Hardin was injured in a traffic accident.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Vanderbilt offensive lineman Cole Hardin was in a traffic accident on Thursday afternoon, reports. The sophomore struck a vehicle while riding his moped near campus, according to witnesses who saw the accident.

Here's the scoop from Chris Lee.

Nashville native Trey Wallace, a witness at the scene who spoke to, said that Hardin, a sophomore center from Florence, Ala., was riding a moped when he struck another vehicle.

Hardin was conscious the entire time and speaking, the witness said, but did appear to sustain either a shoulder or arm injury and was carried to the hospital.

UPDATE as of 2:25 Central: We've since learned that Hardin sustained an injury to his right ankle, a gash on his shoulder and abrasions on his right arm.

Hardin was expected to compete for a starting role at center in head coach Derek Mason's offense this summer. There's no word yet on his condition or whether he'll miss a significant chunk of practice as the team gears up for its 2016 campaign.