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Vanderbilt baseball to retire No. 41 in memory of Donny Everett

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The freshman pitcher died in a drowning accident on June 2.

Peter Aiken/Getty Images

The Tennessean's Adam Sparks reports that Vanderbilt will retire No. 41 in memory of Donny Everett. Everett, a freshman from Clarksville, died in a drowning accident on June 2.

“Forty-one won’t be worn again,” Corbin said. “That number just doesn’t need to be worn by another person.”

Corbin first talked about his plans to retire Everett’s number on the Johnny Ballpark Franks Show on WNSR radio

It is not known at this time whether Vanderbilt will have an officially ceremony to retire the number, or even if it will be "officially" retired.  Vanderbilt baseball has never officially retired a number, though Tim Corbin has admitted that 7 (Dansby Swanson), 14 (David Price), and 15 (Carson Fulmer) will not be used again.  The football program has retired #1 in memory of Kwame Doster, and the men's basketball program has retired #25 (Perry Wallace) and #43 (Clyde Lee.)

In a just world, the number 41 would be plastered on the outfield wall at Hawkins Field in Everett's honor.