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Oddsmakers Set Over/Under For Vanderbilt at 5 Wins

The people who have something to lose from being wrong think the Commodores will go 5-7.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike S&P+, FPI, and blowhards with internet columns, Las Vegas sportsbooks have something to lose from being wrong: money.  So maybe it's meaningful that oddsmakers have set the over/under for Vanderbilt's win total at 5 games.

The Commodores are expected to improve over 2015, but with road trips to Georgia Tech and Western Kentucky on the nonconference slate, along with the usual difficult SEC schedule, improving on last year's 4-8 record is not a given.  Perhaps it's heartening that Vegas sees enough of a possibility of improvement in the win column that they're not willing to run the risk of a 5-7 (or better) Vanderbilt team killing them.

There are some other interesting numbers in the SEC.  Florida's over/under is 7.5; considering the Gators only play four true road games plus the Cocktail Party, one of those road games is at Vandy, and the non-FSU opponents on the nonconference schedule are UMass, North Texas, and Presbyterian... that's basically a dare.  Georgia's schedule is pretty favorable as well -- three of their SEC road games are at Mizzou, South Carolina, and Kentucky -- so maybe the 8.5 number indicates that Vegas isn't buying into Kirby Smart with a true freshman quarterback.  Meanwhile, the 9.5 number on a Tennessee team that plays a dangerous App State team in the opener, a neutral-site game against Virginia Tech, and has road trips to Georgia and A&M indicates that Vegas is really buying in to the hype (or at least thinks the betting public is.)