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Vanderbilt F Samir Sehic Transfers to Tulane

Sehic only 104 minutes in his freshman season.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports


Samir Sehic announced this morning that he will be transferring to Tulane.  This can't be considered a major surprise; Sehic appeared in 22 games as a freshman and averaged 4.7 minutes per game.  His rate stats weren't bad -- he did average 11.9 rebounds per 40 minutes -- but while he was polished for a freshman, he didn't seem to have the athleticism to hang with Southeastern Conference big men.  The timing is a bit of a surprise, however, as Sehic waited until after the school year was over to announce his decision; in addition, rather than announcing that he was transferring and then deciding on a destination, Sehic immediately committed to Tulane.

Anyway, with Clevon Brown coming in next season and Jeff Roberson capable of playing the four (and possibly Joe Toye as well), this shouldn't be a major loss for the Commodores.  In my opinion, this is simply a guy who was probably in over his head transferring to a place where his skill set will play better.