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All Balls: NBA Lottery and VU Baseball Game Thread

You like balls? We got 'em! Vanderbilt v. Morehead State, the NBA Draft Lottery, and Tony Kemp's Major League debut!

"Herp derp, you're tall." -Adam Silver
"Herp derp, you're tall." -Adam Silver
Elsa/Getty Images

Vanderbilt v. Morehead State: 6:30pm SECN+

The Annual NBA Rigs Things So Cleveland Picks First Lottery: 7pm ESPN

Does the 76ers three season tank job finally pay off?  Do the Knicks somehow get Patrick Ewing again?  Either way, we're watching the ping pong balls.

Tony Kemp Makes his MLB Debut for the Houston Astros (7:10pm v. CWS)

He is one of the the ballsiest players we've ever had.

Comment on all things balls below.