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Battle in Jortsville: Game 2 Game Thread

Kyle Wright v. AJ Puk. Jeren Kendall v. Buddy Reed's glove. #NoMoreRunDowns

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Though there was much to be encouraged by, last night we let one get away from us, and lost 4-2.


1) Jeren Kendall hit the ball on the screws all four times.

2) Will Toffey continues to look more comfortable at the plate as the season progresses, and went 2-4.

3) Julian "The Chin" Infante went 2-4, as well, and stung quite a few more foul.  He doesn't get cheated at the plate - that's for sure.

4) Connor Kaiser had a big 2 out RBI double (really a single he stretched into a double thanks to a great base running read), and continues to improve at the plate, especially when he looks to go up the middle and the other way.

5) Jordan Sheffield was, at times, dominant.

6) The double play combo of Kaiser and Soup is rounding into postseason form.

7) Peter Alonso's hand looks like it got run over by a road paver.


1) All 4 of Kendall's sharply hit balls found their way into some leather webbing - one of them was a home run taken back by Buddy Reed.

2) Soup still can't seem to lay down a bunt when it matters, and though Kaiser had his back with an RBI single immediately afterward, it appears 2016 marks the death of the Vanderbunt.  With the game tied 1-1, men on first and third, Corbs called for the safety squeeze.  On pitch one, Soup fouled it off.  On pitch two, the squeeze was taken off, and he swung through one.  With 2 strikes, the squeeze call was back on, and Soup bunted it foul behind the catcher.  Boo-urns.

3) Buddy Reed seemingly tore every ligament in his leg trying to beat out a double play, and then returned to vacuum up every damned hard hit ball to the outfield.  The man's not human.  Are they allowed to play cyborgs?  Someone should look this up.

4) That rundown.  Sweet Jebus, Sheffield... why did you pump fake that throw, con sarn it?  Toffey was all set to accept it, run Reed back to 3rd, and try to get him out there.  Instead, Sheff got cute, and it gave them the lead.

New Man in Left

We've been calling for it all year, and Corbs finally listened: in the 50th game of the season, against the top team in the land, Corbs gave Alonzo Jones a shot in left field.  He was... passable.  In fairness, there was only one ball that he might have been able to get to that he didn't - resulting in a double - but there was a less than 10% chance our defensive replacements (Ro Coleman and Nolan Rogers) could have made that play, so the risk is more than palatable to keep Zo's bat in the lineup.  Though Zo went 0-2 at the plate before being pulled with a one run lead for Coleman, this is the best way to keep both Zo Jones and Chili P Paul in the lineup - and Lord knows we need some juice in our lineup.  Hopefully, Corbs has the cojones to keep trotting Jones out in left - especially today against AJ Puk, when it will help to have a switch hitter with power and speed in the lineup.  It may result in a few growing pains plays in the field, but it represents by far our best shot to do something in the postseason.  Roll the dice, Corbs.

On The Mound

Saturday, May 14 3pm CT ESPN2

RHP Kyle "The Stuff" Wright (6-3, 1.89) vs. LHP AJ "Oh God, Not in the Face!" Puk (3-3, 3.04)

With last night's hard fought loss, we need this game.  Wright, it's all on you now.

See you in the comments.

Hugs and kisses,