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Commodores v. Bisons Game Thread

6:30pm CT SECN+

Bison: singular.
Bison: singular.
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Rather than write up a preview of a midweek game, I'll just link to CDA's team profile of the 2015 version of the David Lipscomb Bisons.

Other than seniors graduating, freshmen coming in, and the rules of pluralization in the English language, that should be about all you need to know.

Pitching Matchup

Bisons Fr. RHP Adam "Patrick" Stewart (2-0. 6.63 ERA)

v. Commodores Fr. RHP Patrick "Mad Dog" Raby (3-0, 1.99 ERA)

A fine day for a mid-week tune up before heading down to the bayou.

Lineup to be posted in the comments when it's released.

As always, when we play the Bisons, I give you Brian Regan: