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Adventures at the WO__D F_IR: Game 2 Game Thread

Though we won 6-0 behind another impressive pitching performance by Jordan Sheffield, we spent our last $10 on this Al Gore doll...

Highlights of last night's game included:

1. 8 innings of dominance from Sheffield that somehow didn't rely on strikeouts (only 4 Ks last night, but THOSE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED never threatened).

2. The first inning three run home run by PLAYER NAME that pretty much sealed the game before The Chuggers even came to the plate.

3. Julian "Ash" Infante sprinting into the dugout after each recorded 3rd out like a kid who hears the ice cream truck coming.

Sure, Ash only went 1-4 on the night of his first SEC start, but his swing looked great, and he hit some foul balls hard.  Remember, Ash never makes it look easy, but he always defeats the Deadites (well, kind of).

Scotty: Hey, Ash, where are we?
Ash: Well we just crossed the Tennessee border...

Sure, you could argue Infante never should have opened that Necronomicon Ex Mortis, but whatever.  If not for venturing into the uninhabitable hell hole that is eastern Tennessee, this wouldn't have happened:

And with the thunder in his bat, SEC pitchers will know the power of his boom stick soon enough.

Today, we face THOSE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED in the sequel.  Just like Evil Dead 2, this will be pretty much a shot for shot remake of the original, though with a higher budget and more blood.

On the Mound

Saturday, April 23 3pm CT SECN+

RHP Kyle "The Movement" Wright (4-2, 1.70) vs. LHP Zach "The New Jersey Kid" Warren (4-4, 2.98)

Wright won't need Ash's chainsaw arm to carve up THOSE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED's lineup like Sheffield did last night.  However, he will welcome the run support by the boom stick.

The New Jersey Kid is not same type of crafty soft tossing lefty we saw last night in El Conquistador de Soto who, after being Foiled by a three run blast with no outs in the first, calmly carved up the rest of the lineup well into the 8th inning.  No, Warren, like the land of Progresso Soup he hails from, comes in hot, but is surprisingly low on calories.  He's a big, skinny kid (6'5" 200 lbs) whose fastball sits around 90mph.  Think of him more as a skinnier version of John Kilichowski, though a tick slower on the heat and more raw with his off speed stuff.

If his fastball is straight, it won't matter if Infante has to chop off his own evil hand.  If he leaves it high in the zone... Lady, you got real ugly.

Here's hoping we shop smart.  Shop S-Mart.

See you in the comments at 3pm, where Infante will greet you with a kindly, "Well hello, Mr. Fancy Pants."