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Rubber Match v. Stansbury Game Thread

2pm CT on Pac-12 Network, which you definitely don't have, even if you live on the west coast, so radio feed it is.

Slap hands.
Slap hands.
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Link to listen to the audio feed, because let's not kid ourselves - literally no one, even Pac-12 athletic directors, have the Pac-12 Network.  They don't even have a game tracker for this one.  It's going to be miserable to try to piece together what's happening, but we'll make do.

Edit: Here's Stansbury's damned stat tracker.  They didn't have it up earlier.

Lineups and pitchers have not yet been announced, but I'll go ahead and assume Vandy will start Kyle Wright (which means Karl Ellison will catch) Edit: Nope... going with Delay, presumably for the irony of the many weather-based issues we've had this weekend.  Should have a full bullpen, with only Sheffield and Bowden unavailable.  Lineup is still fluid, as no one has an ever-loving clue who will play SS.  Ro will lead off.  You will get angry at this in the comments.

This is all I know at the moment.

Will edit this post when more information becomes available.

Let's make the streets run cardinal with tree blood.

See you in the comments.

**Update: Here's the lineup.