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Hayden Stone to Start Game 3 v. Missourah

...remove the Stone of Shame...

Corbs takes a leap of faith, starts Stone.
Corbs takes a leap of faith, starts Stone.

It appears my wanton speculation was only partly right.  Corbs did, in fact, move Kyle Wright up a day to start Saturday (as many SEC teams, such as Mizzou, Florida, and LSU start their best pitcher in Game 2 of the series), and did, in fact, move Ben Bowden to the role of closer.

Deductive logic led me to conclude that if those two premises were true (in addition to the knowledge that Joey "Son of" Abraham started the midweek game), freshman baby Ace Patrick "Mad Dog" Raby would be foaming at the mouth for his first weekend start today against the completely unrecognizable Big XII team from Missourah.

Such is apparently not the case - unless Corbs is pulling a double bluff gambit unseen since the days of Bobby Fisher - as is reporting Hayden Stone ("The Cold Stone K-Reamer") (0-1, 1.74) is getting his first start of the season.  His counterpart will be LHP Austin "Fedora" Tribby (2-2, 4.40).

Here is that information in tweet form:

Since reading that, I've pretty much been looking around, skeptically, at everything I see (visual confirmation below).

Screw it.  No use questioning it... might as well get on board.

Now let's just make sure to remove The Stone of Shame acquired against Mississippi State... and attach The Stone of Triumph!

The K-Reamer was an integral part of the bullpen during his freshman year, and was expected to serve as last year's closer until his elbow exploded, forcing him to shake hands with Tommy John and miss the bulk of last season.  At his best, Stone sits in the low 90s and throws a devastating slider.  Adding to his deception is a herky jerky delivery that takes at least once through the lineup to begin to figure out.

I expect him to throw around 4 innings today and then yield to the Mad Dog.  However, if Stone is able to spot his sinker and slider with precision today, it could result in a low pitch count, ground-out fest like Tanner "Medieval Leatherman" Houck did to us yesterday.

Missourah has two aces and then a lot of meh.  Expect our bats to take out the frustration from the last two days on Austin Tribby and pound this Big XII team into a jelly.

13-0.  Both the score prediction and the predicted all time record against Missourah by day's end.

*Note: The SEC has elected to award us a conference victory for last night's win, as well, so we have improved to 3-2 on the year.  I have no idea why Big XII games count as conference victories, but I'll take it!

**Note: No, I'm not going to bring up the two horrid calls at the plate by last night's home plate umpire which cost us 2 runs, and should have resulted in us winning 1-0 in 9 innings, or 3-0 in 11 innings.  Nope.  Not even bringing it up once.

***Note: I am also not going to bring up the theory that Stallings is taking the Pitt job for the sole reason of benching Sheldon Jeter (and refusing to allow him to transfer).  However, this is hilarious on many levels.