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VU v. Missourah Game 2 Game Thread

I'll be deep in the cold, cold ground before I recognize this game thread.

Some midwestern guy.  Probably not relevant to this article.
Some midwestern guy. Probably not relevant to this article.
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Last night, we went into the 9th inning down 6-4 to some Big XII team from Missourah and exited with an 8-6 win (and were awarded our 2nd SEC win for some reason).  I have no idea what's going on, but I'll take it.

The big 2 out rally heroes were the usual suspects - Jeren Kendall (with a 2 out, 2 run single up the gut) and Bryan "The Aluminum Foil" Reynolds (with a game winning 2 run HR).

Ben Bowden got the save, so obviously he won't be starting today's game (MY WANTON SPECULATION WAS RIGHT!!!).  Seeing as Corbs did not pitch Patrick "Mad Dog" Raby in the mid-week fiasco against Empty SU, it is likely the freshman will start either today or tomorrow.  I would expect Kyle "The Movement" Wright (4-0, 1.77) on the bump today against Tanner "Medieval Leatherman" Houck (2-2, 2.65), as both are likely to vie for the role of "first college pitcher selected in the 2017 MLB Draft."  Expect another pitcher's duel today... or at least some damn fine pitching.

Today's game is on SEC Network (no clue if it is also being broadcast on the Big XII Network so people in Missourah can see it) and is expected to start at 5pm CT.  Ole Piss and South Cackalacky are playing right now, so if that game goes to extras, I'll let you know which network is temporarily showing it.

Things to do in the meantime...

1) Answer this important Civics question:

2) Listen to this episode of Judge John Hodgman.

Now I'm a modern man. The lady friend tells people I'm a feminist (unprompted). Hell, I've even seen and enjoyed the film Mr. Mom. However, I can't get over the guy in this Judge John Hodgman episode. He's a stay-at-home dad of two kids who are...

...wait for it...

14 and 10 years old!!!

What in the holy hell does he do all day???

Side note: The case hinges on him not having his cell phone on him some times when he is "out and about" (his words). Why doesn't he have it on him? He sometimes forgets to put it in the zipped compartment of his "Man-Bag" (still, somewhat unaccountably, his words), where he keeps it.

There are no words for this...

3) Grade a bunch of damned essays on Frankenstein.  (This one likely only applies to me.)

I'll update this when lineups are released.

See you in the comments and Go Jayhawks!