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Join the Anchor of Gold NCAA Tournament Pick'em!

63 picks. One champion.

Wade could not be less impressed with your bracket.
Wade could not be less impressed with your bracket.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

College basketball isn't dead to us...yet. That could all change on Tuesday night, when Vanderbilt either takes the first step on a road to redemption or rewards the bracketologist doubters who suggested the Commodores were better suited for the NIT.

Those armchair bracketologists (which, when you think of it, is all of them) may be wrong -- and what better way to show them by pulling together a perfect bracket that lays the blueprint for Vanderbilt's upcoming national title?

That's right, it's bracket season, and that means its your latest opportunity to prove you're smarter than any of the staffers here at Anchor of Gold. You've got until Thursday morning to pick 63 winners and find the perfect Final Four. We'll be doing this year's bracket through Yahoo!, which means that anyone who has ever participated in the site's copious fantasy leagues already has his or her login information ready to go. Here's the link you need to join our pool:

Just click the "Join Pool" button to get in, and then you can set up your bracket and start picking against the rest of the AoG community. Will there be a prize? We're working on it -- but no guarantees.

You've got until the first game tips off on Thursday to get your picks in.