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VU Seeks to Sweep the 16th Century Basque Jesuits out of Nashville

7-0 Friday, 14-3 Saturday, 21-6 Sunday???

Kyle Wright on the mound.
Kyle Wright on the mound.
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, Jordan Sheffield flirted with a no hitter.  On Saturday, we bludgeoned them to death with relentless offense (12 hits, 14 runs).  Today?  Let's do both and break out the brooms in style.

On the Mound (1pm CT SECN+)

Vanderbilt So. RHP Kyle "The Movement" Wright (2-0, 1.80 ERA)


Xavier Jr. LHP Trent "The Sacrificial Lamb" Astle (0-1, 13.06 ERA)

The Lineup

If you squint at that really hard, you see we're going with yet another different lineup.

1. RF Jeren Kendall

2. CF Bryan Reynolds

3. 1B Penn Murfee

4. 3B Will Toffey

5. C Jason Delay

6. LF Kyle Smith

7. 2B Ethan Paul

8. DH Liam Sabino

9. SS Connor Kaiser

The big news is that Sabino, after last night's 8th inning 2 run blast, has been rewarded with some more at bats.  To do this, while still rewarding Kyle Smith for his HR last night and recent hot streak at the plate, Corbs has placed Smith in LF - a position he has played in the past, but not this year.  Perhaps the biggest lineup related news this weekend was that Corbs has limited Ro Coleman to one start and one late inning replacement thus far, and has gone with three different non-Ro Coleman lead-off hitters (Jones, Grisanti, and Kendall).  We certainly don't have a set lineup heading into SEC play, but that has mostly been a factor of our crazy good depth and bench players kicking down doors with great play.

I mean, consider this: Walker Grisanti is batting .636/.733/1.091 - numbers that make Mike Trout jealous - and he's only managed 2 starts and 8 appearances?!?!  Let's race out to a huge lead to get him some much deserved ABs, boys!

See you in the comments.