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Game 8: v. UIC Game Thread

Break out your brooms, people! It's getting close to spring, and your house needs a cleanin'!

(Fist pump)
(Fist pump)
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Sunday, Feb. 28 12pm SECN+

So. RHP Kyle "The Movement" Wright (0-0, 0.00) vs. Jr. RHP Mitchell "Old War" Schulewitz (1-0, 14.54)

Do not overthink this: we have seen UIC's best arms already.  We have taken their best punches.  We have left Bowden in one inning too long for the second consecutive game.  We have played 23 innings of baseball against the UIC Chicago Fire of the MLS.

Let's play only 7 innings today.  I'm calling for a Mercy Rule drubbing.  Heed my call.

Kyle Wright only went 2 innings last Sunday, but in fairness, we didn't expect to see him on the mound at all last week, as he was recovering from an oblique injury.  In those 2 innings, Wright was not untouchable, but was still in control.  He allowed 2 hits, walked one, but struck out 3 and only faced 8 batters in those two innings.  He threw 35 pitches, and Corbs, wisely, didn't risk further injury by putting him out for a 3rd inning.  That Vandy was already up 6-0 probably helped with that decision.

Today, I expect the kid gloves to not be taken fully off, but loosened.  Expect 4-5 IP from The Movement, especially if he keeps the ball, and thus his pitch count, low.  As we only have one midweek game this week (Tuesday v. Tennessee Tech at 3pm CT at The Hawk), it would make sense for Corbs to follow ~4 IP of Wright with freshman stud Chandler "Day Man" Day, and let Day close it out.  While Matt Ruppenthal and his magic curve-enthal threw 5 IP of relief, allowing us to only use 5 pitchers in 14 innings, our bullpen is still taxed, and Corbs would be wise to make this a 2 starter Sunday.

That way, we can unleash the Mad Dog (freshman control-maven Patrick Raby) on Tennessee Tech Tuesday, and laugh maniacally whilst they are stricken by Rabys.  (CDA, I don't think you're going to have a problem making #StrickenByRabys happen.)

Yesterday, we played 14 innings.  Today, let's play half that.

(Pours Jobu his rum.)

Now to re-watch last night's basketball game on my DVR in the hour between now and first pitch.

Take it away Jig Dancin' Stallings!