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Jeren Kendall Named National, SEC Player of the Week After Cannibalizing San Diego

Jeren Kendall put up weekend numbers that would have looked unrealistic in a video game. As a result, he's 2016's first SEC Player of the Week.

Bryan Reynolds gives his teammate an early congratulations.
Bryan Reynolds gives his teammate an early congratulations.
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

In the easiest SEC vote since Bobby Johnson was named "most likely football coach to use 'peaches' in place of a cuss word," Jeren Kendall has been named the conference's Player of the Week after dismantling San Diego this weekend. The sophomore outfielder batted .667, hit three home runs, stole five bases, scored seven runs, and drove in 10 runs in a sweep of the Toreros. No. 3 Vanderbilt outscored their opponent by an aggregate score of 38-11 to open its 2016 season.

Kendall also earned National Player of the Week honors, but since the world of college baseball revolves around the SEC, that was to be expected.

Because early returns are absolute indicators of the rest of the season, here's what we can expect from Kendall for the full 2016 campaign:

Player avg gp-gs ab r h 2b 3b hr rbi tb slg% bb so ob% sb-att
Jeren Kendall 0.667 72-72 360 168 240 24 0 72 240 480 1.333 0 72 0.667 120-144

A 72-home run, 120-stolen base, 240-RBI season would be...pretty good. After this weekend's monster performance, anything less will be considered a disappointment.

(Congratulations, Jeren)