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Andy Ludwig not going to Nevada after all

Are we relieved?

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that’s that:

Who’s Jay Norvell? He’s the offensive coordinator at Arizona State, but that’s not important. The more important news to Vanderbilt fans is that he’s Not Andy Ludwig. A feeling (panic?) had briefly set in earlier this week when it was reported that Ludwig was on the short list for Nevada’s head coaching job. But that moment has passed, and while we don’t necessarily want to root for a guy to not get a head coaching job, certainly Vanderbilt fans were having flashbacks to the last time Derek Mason hired an offensive coordinator prior to Ludwig:

And nobody wants that again. So consider that bullet dodged. We can’t yet be certain that the entire coaching staff will be back in 2017, but at the very least the most likely scenario of Vanderbilt’s offensive coordinator landing a head coaching job somewhere else appears to be off the table. There’s always the possibility of one of the position coaches getting a promotion somewhere else, but it seems doubtful that Vanderbilt will be dismissing any coaches at this point.