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Watch Vanderbilt signee Saben Lee dunk on some dude

When we say Bryce Drew is recruiting more athletic guards, this is what we’re talking about.

It’s a slow time for us here at Anchor of Gold. The football team won’t be playing in the Independence Bowl for another couple of weeks, and the basketball team is taking the week off (if you want to call finals at Vanderbilt a “week off.”)

To pass the time, we suggest watching 2017 basketball signee Saben Lee literally jump over some dude on loop. We said earlier this summer that Bryce Drew is recruiting a different type of guard than Kevin Stallings did and you can see what we mean by that in the video above.

We really don’t even care if he has a jump shot. Just do that, Saben. And we should all forget that the basketball team is 5-5 with losses to Bucknell and MTSU when the future looks like, well, that.

(And because I know our commenters well enough to know that you will insist on pedantry, yes, I am aware that he missed the dunk.)