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The Offensive GIF Thread

Vanderbilt’s offense scored 38 points. The last time that happened in an SEC game, Derek Dooley got fired the next day.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought Vanderbilt would win this game, that was a little homerish but sure, I could see that happening.

If you thought that Vanderbilt would score 38 points and beat Ole Miss by three touchdowns, I would have asked you what drugs you were on and whether I could have any.

But that is exactly what happened. Vanderbilt won an SEC game 38-17, and the Commodores probably will go to a bowl game now. Also Derek Mason will almost assuredly get a fourth year now.

How big is this? In Derek Mason’s three years, Vanderbilt had never scored more than 35 points in an SEC game before tonight, and the Commodores had only scored more than 17 points in an SEC game twice under Derek Mason (and also lost both games.)

When was the last time Vanderbilt scored 38 points in an SEC game? Glad you asked, it was November 17, 2012, and it was this game:

Yep. It’s been four years. Here’s your GIF thread to celebrate. Have fun.