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Bye Week Open Thread

Vanderbilt doesn’t play today. We have a few suggestions for what to watch instead.

NCAA Football: South Florida at Temple Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

We all hate bye weeks. Vanderbilt has one week during football season where the Commodores don’t play. Here’s your open thread, as well as some friendly suggestions for what to watch since you can’t watch Vanderbilt football.

11 AM CT: Wagner at UMass (ESPN3): Of course. The Minutemen are 1-7 and looking for their second win of the year against a 4-3 FCS team. If this is too much for you, Duke at Georgia Tech (which is on the ACC Network) is an acceptable alternative. Finally, if you drank your Haterade this morning, there’s Penn State at Purdue. Hammer up? Boiler down.

2:30 PM CT: Cincinnati at Temple (CBSSN): You thought we would say Florida vs. Georgia, didn’t you? No, we know our audience. The Wet Hets need a victory to keep pace with South Florida in the AAC East oh who am I kidding nobody gets the CBS Sports Network so you’re just gonna have to watch Army at Wake Forest on the ACC Network.

6:00 PM CT: While you might be tempted to check in on Tennessee at South Carolina to see if the Vols choke on the Cocks (phrasing), we recommend that you not do that as doing so would involve watching a Will Muschamp team, and no amount of schadenfreude is worth that. Instead, we recommend Louisiana-Monroe at Arkansas State on ESPN3 because how can you go wrong with a pair of two-win Sun Belt teams?

10:00 PM CT: Stanford at Arizona on FS1 is probably as good a simulation of a Vanderbilt football game as you can find, and I don’t mean that in a good way. Washington State at Oregon State is also mildly interesting, but might involve too much offense.

Have fun everybody, and remember: a dry het is a good het.