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Saturday Tailgate: Georgia

Watch something else.

Mike VI
Photo Credit: Billy Gomila

AoG Week in Review

We lost to Kentucky. Kentucky. It was, as we all expected, a terrible game. It’s hard, if not impossible, to find any sort of encouragement or excitement to pull out of this team anymore. More than that, it’s the same old song again and again and again. We knew it was going to be a battle of futility, but it would sure as hell been nicer being on the winning side of that game. Or hell, even looking moderately competent.

The only time we looked like we had any semblance of an offense was the desperation drive where we ran a good hurry up offense. CDA has suggested we run a hurry up from here out. I have to agree with him. The offense has rarely clicked otherwise, and our passing game has pretty much never clicked unless we were running it. An important caveat is that we’ve usually been playing against teams giving us space and conceeding mid range passes.

It doesn’t really matter anymore. We have nothing to lose, and with Webb’s injuries, we are going to have to be a relying on the passing more. Still, as DotP has pointed out, there are a lot of things here that changing the gameplan aren’t going to fix. We’re making a lot of mistakes - from coaching to stupid mental errors, a better offense won’t matter if we can’t stop being stupid.

Around the League

Didn’t I tell ya the Red River Shootout would be worth watching? See my next great prediction - the Earth will continue to revolve around the sun.

  • #4 Michigan 78 - Rutgers 0. I won’t pass up a chance to laugh at Rutgers. Rutgers was thoroughly embarrassed on their home turf, just a week after the Buckeyes stomped them 58-0. Rutgers has just over 150 yards in the last two games, and the last time a team beat them this bad was when they lost to Princeton in 1888. All this in front of 200+ recruits who already had to suffer the indignity of spending the weekend in New Brunswick. Good job, New Jersey.
  • #8 Texas A&M 45- #2 Tennessee 38. I have to admit, I thought the Tennessee TEAM OF DESTINY aura was back late in this one. Aggie was up 2 scores with 3:20 left in the game. Tennessee responded in nearly perfect fashion, scoring a touchdown on the following drive, forcing a fumble, and capitalizing on that by scoring a touchdown on that drive. The real “dear God TEAM OF DESTINY” moment came with 4 seconds left, where Aggie shanked a 38 yard FG about as bad as you can. After exchanging FGs in the first overtime, Tennessee’s magic ran out, with Dobbs getting intercepted. Tennessee is going to be plenty angry against Bama this weekend. Oh did I mention the game was FIVE HOURSE LONG? Because it was.
  • NC State 10 - Notre Dame 3. Who isn’t enjoying watching the fall of Notre Dame? The rain in this game was so horrendous that there was standing water, which might’ve made for an interesting game. I don’t know, I didn’t watch it. I do know that the Fightin’ Irish are now with four losses, and that’s hilarious.

Other News

Mike VI, the beloved live mascot of LSU, died this week. LSU’s seventh (yes, seventh) tiger was euthanized after a fight with cancer that was first diagnosed this summer, and quickly spread through his body. Mike had gotten treatment at several respected cancer treatment facilities such as Mary Bird Perkins and Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Centers. The news did not come a surprise as he had entered hospice care the day before.

I’m a grown ass man, and I can’t help but to feel a loss. Mike VI got to LSU about the time that I got there, and I can’t count the number of times I went to see Mike in my years at LSU. Whether he was napping, or playing with his toys, or interacting with others who came to visit, he was always fun to see. He’s literally stopped at least one man from committing suicide (although I can’t find the link for you). He’s always been a tremendous part of the LSU family and will be missed.

Other Footbaw

Ugh, the schedule looks terrible for today... nonetheless here’s a proposed watching schedule!

  • #20 West Virginia at Texas Tech, FS1, 12:00 (11:00 CT). Uh, we just might be the most watchable of the midday games. Seriously. This might just be the only game that stands a chance of being interesting after Georgia goes up four touchdowns on us. I would generally stay away from watching either of these teams (THANKS GENO SMITH) but hey, at least this game has a chance of being an upset AND fun!Fo
  • #1 Alabama at #9 Tennessee, CBS, 15:30 (14:30 CT). Another week, another GAME OF THE SEASON from the SEC. Tennessee has a real chance of knocking off Bama, especially given the magic that’s surrounded this team this year. Tennessee is going to be angry, it’s at Neylund, and I’m sure they’re also feeling jilted by that (hilarious) 14 point spread. Bama may have a three game winning streak, but let’s remember the horrendous state Tennessee football has been in. It’s the Third Saturday in October, and these people HATE each other.
  • #12 Mississippi @ #22 Arkansas, ESPN, 19:00 (18:00 CT). Despite their two losses, this game stands to be a good one, and besides, it’s the only game on the 6 o’clock slot that’s worth anything. Arkansas has had a rough schedule already, and needs this win to get everything back on track. They are better than their 0-2 SEC record implies, but they’ve been a turnover machine in their losses. On the other hand, Mississippi doesn’t have LBs that can cover the pass, which is great news for the pass heavy Hogs offense.
  • UCLA @ Washington State, ESPN, 22:30 (21:30 CT). YOUR PAC-12 DEGENERATE GAME OF THE WEEK! I know nothing about how either of these teams are doing. It’s still the only late game worth watching after the day of football is through. Throw it on the tailgate TV and talk about the day’s football with it in the background.

And now, for your AoG staffer selections!

I think Tom Stephenson is conducting some sort of psychological warfare experiment or something.


Jennifer Greening has been properly indoctrinated into our feelings about THEM

Well, I WAS going to suggest NAVY vs ECU after the impressive domination over top ranked Houston this past weekend, but apparently the Midshipmen are too hung over from classes being cancelled on Tuesday in order to celebrate so they've postponed the game. That being said, I'll go with TENN vs Bama because I hate both teams and their fan bases.

Despite Christian D’Andrea’s best efforts to find the most horrendous game possible, I still think this game will be more watchable than our own.

Butler at DAVIDSON in a matchup of basketball schools somehow worse off in football than Kentucky. They both play in the Pioneer League, which means they don't offer actual football scholarships and are Division I programs in name only. The conference champion has earned a spot in the FCS Playoffs since 2013. It...hasn't gone well. To wit:

2013: Tennessee State 31, Butler 0

2014: Montana 52, San Diego 14

2015: Western Illinois 24, Dayton 7

Get Ready to Drink

We’re playing Georgia, and I can’t even make a crack about it being “football” today. Sorry boys, I just can’t salvage any optimism for this one. Neither can any of us. But hey, at least Webb is supposed to play, right?

But hey, you want to know about our foe, right? Well, Tom sat down with our sister site and got some perspective on the game from them! Part of me wants to walk away from their answers with some optimism, but I think a lot of it may just be standard nerves thinking we’re a “trap game”.


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